TRVL Porter Responsive Web Design + Development 

Responsive Web Design + Rebranding

TRVL Porter: Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, getting your personalized rental travel wardrobe is quick and easy with TRVL Porter.

About TRVL Porter:

TRVL Porter is a fashion rental company which allows people to free their suitcases by sending them personalized fashion clothes and accessories directly to their hotels, Airbnbs, or other temporary living situations.

Project Goals:

Help TRVL Porter rebrand their website and reorient their existing information to enhance the entire user experience through improvements to the user interface that aimed to create better user flow, a cleaner aesthetic overall, and a more direct and strategic sales funnel.


We recognize the importance of standing out against the competition and the effectiveness of not reinventing the wheel. Because of this, we analyzed the existing competition and parallel business models for their aesthetic components and used them as inspiration to compliment our original design ideas. We found that simple icons and pictures for the clothing and accessories improved the user experience by allowing customers to visualize the styling of products. The companies that utilized this design strategy were Rent The Runway, Armoire, Le Tote, The Mr. Mrs. Collection, and Trendy Butler. They all utilized an eye-catching Home Page to explain how their services work and with a specific tone and aesthetic that was unique to each of their brands. These rental home pages not only acted as a sales funnel and introduction to each brand, but also acted as fashion inspiration for users. More specifically, the brands filtered fashion pieces by activity such as a wedding party versus a cocktail gathering. Lastly, the competition also used a one-time rental or monthly subscription business model.


After our research, we found that TRVL Porter is situated to uniquely appeal to business women who travel often for work and don’t want to bring large suitcases for every trip. The clothing and accessories for these women are often tailored to the specific activities of business trips such as cocktail parties, business meetings, conferences, etc. Due to this, we rebranded the TRVL Porter site to more appeal to these sorts of people. We helped the TRVL Porter team to redefine their tone of the new brand – confident women who want a hassle-free trip and wish they could dress wel l and show up in different events while traveling in different cities. We created the tone of the website by integrating the tone of taking an airplane – “Your Rental Travel Wardrobe of First Class Fashion”, “Your Boarding Pass to Personal Style”, etc.

We also made dramatic improvements to the style preferences experiences. Previously, the site required users to explain why they didn’t like a certain style of clothing, but this was slow, and unappealing for people in a hurry. We refined this process by removing the requirement for a description and made it easy to simply cross out styles without explanation, making the process, fast, and efficient. Additionally, we added a functionality for users to tailor their aesthetic to the specific activities that the user intends to partake in as mentioned before. Lastly, we integrated professional fashion illustrations to represent the styles instead of relying on the previous method of simply describing the styles. The illustrations are very much superior to enhance visualization of the clothing styles and make the process hassle free and efficient.

Final Delivery: 

At the end, we created a rebranding strategy that included guidelines for branding tones, competitor dos and do nots, and created interactive wireframes to display the user flow of the new site. Once this strategy and vision were defined, we moved to create professional styling strategy including copywriting, fashion illustrations, and UI/UX design. Lastly, we partnered a web development agency to work on implementations of our designs and integrations with their backend systems to optimize the site for scalability and durability. As a plus, we also worked with our web development partner to implement AI and automation strategies to maximize the functionality of the site.

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Branding Strategy


Fashion Illustrations

UX & UI Design

Web Development (Frontend integrate with their backend)

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