Tesla XR Concept Design

XR UX/UI Concept Design

About the Project:

Following the first-generation Tesla, the Roadster, and beginning in 2012 with Tesla Model S, Elon Musk and his aspirational economic model have revolutionized the transportation industry with his Tesla Model X, his Tesla Model 3, and in 2019 with the Model Y.

Tesla Inc. has materialized the dreams of electric car enthusiasts, concept car fanatics, and created a canvas for designers of UI and UX experiences like me.

Toyota electric cars have appealed to much of the daily-driver market for electric and hybrid vehicles, and BMW has fitted itself into an electric vehicle niche in the exotic cars market, but no company can compare to Tesla in its safety, reliability, customizability, wide-range of appeal, and its XR (cross-reality) design opportunities.

This project utilized design elements that Elon Musk and Tesla have already began to implement, but expands in imaginative ways to create new, immersive experiences that alter the way people use their vehicles forever. The cabins of our traditional modes of transportation that are all-too often drab and uninspiring. It’s time for a new contemporary and futuristic experience.

This XR concept car design is intended for the average Tesla driver that is keen to adopt new technology and curious about the past, present, and future. This UI and UX adaptation utilizes the app experience of the Tesla dashboard to turn any Tesla, but specifically the Model 3 into a planetarium of the sky and space.


Project Goals:

Our client described their goal to turn the Tesla cabin into a spaceship. In order to achieve this, we harnessed the app experience in the Tesla dashboard to optimize for intuition and simplicity to deliver a bootstrapped user experience tailored to the technologically adapted driver.


Tesla Model 3 Buyer Research:

In order to appeal to the buyer demographic, research on the typical 2018 Tesla model 3 owners were detailed. 

Current Tesla owners tend to be male, older (45+ years old), higher income ($100K+) and Asian. The Model 3 searchers also skew male and Asian but bring in a younger demographic (35-44 years old) and slightly lower income ($50-100K) – a testament to the lower, more appealing price point.

Buyers and Searchers Value the Environment & Ecology

Both Tesla owners and Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X searchers showed high interest in the environment and ecology. This indicated that some sort of app to connect Tesla owners to their outside environment would be appealing and align with their interests. We thought there would be no better way to inspire curiosity and inspiration than with an app to connect people to the stars. Space and the heavens have fascinated humans throughout history and led to revolutionary technologies seen in every facet of life. Elon Musk, Tesla, and electric vehicles act as new hotbeds for technological development just like the rockets that have project humans into the singularity that is space, so why not bring space to the Tesla.

Reasons Why Tesla Owners Love Their Vehicles

1. Tesla takes its cues from consumer and aspirational technology, not from auto-industry traditions.

2. Tesla Inc. and the electric vehicle market, along with Elon Musk’s other brands like the solar city, and SpaceX have the potential to save the planet and flaunt environmental responsibility.

Scope of  Work

Concept Design
User Research
UI Design
Art Direction



XR development: Sampson Crooks, Jr. (MSPM)
Video production: Stefanie Huynh
Concept + Research + UX + UI: Dominique Wu (myself)
Event Host: Zenobia Millet



Concept Design for Tesla

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