Tesla AR Voice Commands Car Show Room App Design

Augmented Reality App Design

Project Goals:

Create a concept app for users to envision Tesla cars on the user’s phone or iPad before making purchasing decisions.


Analyses of the current Tesla website led our UX/UI team to consider a simple way to showcase Tesla cars through an Augmented Reality app. Since Tesla has already closed the majority of its physical stores in the United States, the only way to purchase a Tesla car is to buy it online. Without seeing the actual car, the user will not be able to get the overall feeling about the car before purchasing.


By downloading the AR app, the user can chagne Tesla’s car and checking out the interior design in real time – get a tangible experience by AR immersive Tesla car show room app.

Final Product:

An augmented realiy app with voice commend to change the color of the car, start the engine and open the driver’s door.

Tesla AR Car Show Room Demo

Scope of  Work

Augmented Reality App Design

Augmented Reality App Development

Client for this concept app:


User Experience At A Glance