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Hummingbirdsday_Dominique Wu

Dominique Wu

CEO / Founder

As the founder and design director of Hummingbirdsday, I have been working in the tech/design industry as UX/UI designer for 8 years and I specialized in user experience design in immersive technology. Hummingbirdsday provides great service for branding, marketing, crowdfunding, UX/UI and immersive technology for a tech company. My mission is to help clients create great stories combined with great experience and immersive technology such as AR.

Create Immersive Experience / Storytelling / Change The World


Yoonah Bae

Jr. UX/UI Designer

I like to question, test hypotheses, and resolve frustrations for people. I enjoy tackling problems collaboratively to make a positive impact on people. My background in consumer product helps me see both the physical and digital experience as a whole. I help companies break down the monotony in heavy content and inform users using brand illustration and infographics.

Create Immersive Experience / Storytelling / Change The World