Tapioca Express: Web & Mobile Ordering System for Taiwanese-American Fusion Food

App & Web Design


Tapioca Express is a Taiwanese-American fusion food franchise specializing in bubble tea, coffee, a variety of fruit juices, slushes, small meals, and light snacks.

The client requested a web and mobile delivery app that was targeted towards millennial and Generation-Z demographics who are interested in American fusion food, specifically American-Taiwanese fusion. The importance of the visual, and sales and ordering experience were the top priorities.


Tapioca Express Official Website

Scope of  Work

Web Design

App Design

User Interface

User Experience


Tapioca Express

Official Website Design

Target Audience: 13 to 28 year-old Americans

Pain Points with the preexisting business model: Customers must wait in long lines to order and receive food.


  1. Locate franchise based on your location

  2. In-app ordering and purchasing

  3. News, promotions, and discounts to retain users and boost sales

Official Website Prototype

User Experience At A Glance
Low Fidelity Prototype
Online Order

Users can click the “order now” button to access the menu of the franchise closest to their location.


Nutrition & Ingredients

Users can easily see the ingredients and nutritional components of each menu item.


Food Calories Calculator

On a diet? No problem. The “Food Calories Calculator” empowers users to track their calories and stick to dietary preferences without hassle.

Official App UX / UI Design


Understand the needs for all customers and optimize the experience and UI to match these personas and retain them for the long-term.

Research Results:  

Core Value: Unlike the official website, the app is focused on optimizing the  interaction between customers and the franchise to generate as many return customers as possible.

User Experience At A Glance
Low Fidelity Prototype

Get money-saving, mobile-only discounts at the nearest franchise from within the app.


Collecting Points

Collecting the points and save big.


Online Order & Pick Up at Nearest Franchise

Everything but the food pickup can be handled from within the app.