OPIX360: A Fun 360-Degree Camera for Your Smartphone

Branding/Marketing/App/Web Design


Opix360 is smartphone compatible 360° camera that allows users to instantly create high-quality photos and videos directly on their Android or iOS device. The OPIX360 combines powerful photo and video editing capabilities with social media tailored tools like live video production for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Opix360 is the leader in the smartphone 360° space as its affordable to buy, simple to use, and the content users create is extremely engaging.

Opix360, based out of Irvine, CA needed a creative app and website to target young millennials interested in content creation, engaged with social media, and likely to use a 360° camera. Our target demographic was young millennials as they are likely to have enough money and technological engagement to be interested in such a device.


Opix360 Official Website

Opix360 Android App Download

Scope of  Work

Branding Strategy
UX Design
User Research
UI Direction
Art Direction
User Testing Event



App UX Design / UI Direction


  • Research the pain points of the Opix360 camera using representative user groups.
  • Use research to define optimal user group(s) for targeting later on.
  • Evaluate how the core values of Opix360 can be strategically embedded into the user experience.
  • Refine the business and marketing model to match our user research.
  • Create wireframes of initial prototype.
  • Incorporate web UI designer, Roy Ren, into process to create the final UI interfaces.


Target Audience: American high school to college students aged 15-25  

Pain Points: 360° cams are novel for most kids, need more educational information to teach people how to use the cam; the cam software is slow and difficult to use; the camera is heavy; not many social platforms accept 360 files, so sharing is a challenge to other social platforms outside of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Core Value of Opix360: Easy to shoot: just attach Opix360 to charging port of smartphone and open the app; photo and video support; Easy to edit: inspired by Snapchat & Instagram, the interface resembles favorite apps of young users, making it intuitive to use. Easy to share for supported apps: after editing the photos or video, sharing is as easy as clicking a button inside the app; Users can share 360° photos or videos to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.


Opix360 Android App Download

User Experience At A Glance

Additional Functionality

We added additional functions to make the editing experience more customizable and relatable for users who use other social media apps for content creation.



Easily add emojis and other stickers to 360° content just like other favorite social media apps.


Special Sound Effects

Add music and background sounds into videos to add extra flare and fun during the editing process.


Filter, Text, & Drawing

Enhance photos with fun filters, custom text, and/or drawings much like Instagram or Facebook story editing.

Web UX Design and UI Direction


With new product launches, it’s important to display the best features of the product on the landing page, so that users can instantly get a feel for the content that can be produced with the camera, while also translating the company’s branding from their app to a web format. The outcome of the design by Roy Ren is meant to resemble the app’s aesthetic and bring the immersive nature of 360° photo and video to users on the web. Additionally, the design captured the clean, and fun aesthetics that can be seen in other wildly popular websites for hardware products such as GoPro.



Digital Marketing


Client needed cohesive, visual, and creative content for Facebook & Google ads campaigns.

Our strategy targeted physically active, millennial males who enjoy nature and likely want to create content for their social media profiles.



CPC: $0.18
CPL: $6.34
Leads: 2378