Enflux Web/App Design

Official Web Design & ACL App Design

About Enflux:

Enflux is a motion capture suit company. Their motion capture suit is the most affordable suit that for game design, medication and fitness measurement. By wearing Enflux motion capture suit, developers can develop 3D games, VR experience, fitness training and medical measurement like ACL examination. Enflux is based in Sherman Oaks, CA. 


Project Goals:

Enflux needed a website targeted towards on game and spots.  Strategy emphasized easy to use navigation system for developers to find the right tutorials they need to watch. And as for sports web page, the strategy emphasized Enflux mocap suit can help doctors and football coaches to define whether the footplayer gets ACL or not.

Enflux Developer Page

Enflux ACL Landing Page

Scope of  Work

Branding Strategy
Web/App Design
UX/UI Design



Developer Page Design Goal:

Create a good navigation that allows developers find the right tutorial to watch instantly is our goal. By creating the “Metro-look” navigation system, it becomes easier for developers to pick the right video to watch.

Enflux Developer Page

The navigation system will always stay on top of the page so the users will have a clear overview for tutorials

ACL App Design

The Goals of this app are:

1. Improve Athletic Performance

2. Identify Injury Risk

3. Track Metrics in Real-Time

Enflux needed a creative App targeted towards doctors & football coaches. Strategy emphasized great UI navigation system for doctors & coaches to help athletes to track their performance. Enflux can help football players to track their performance to prevent ACL.

Enflux Sports Page

Enflux ACL Prevention Page

Enflux Sports App AB Testing_A

Enflux Sports App AB Testing_B