When strategy meets innovation

Strategy is about finding a favorable position in a well-defined industry while innovation is creating new values to existing business.

Every company now needs to think more like a startup. “Adapt or die” is the mantra of every business.

In Hummingbird Day, we will evaluate your business first, then develop a strategy with innovative solutions.

If you’re seeking to save a dime, stay in the comfort zone, cut the process, and rush to launch your products, there are tons of studios that would take care of your business… this is not Hummingbirdsday.



We start with asking you questions about your target audience, competitors, and the problem you’re trying to solve so we can clearly understand the business objectives of your product.  We will help you develop a strategy that may include customer surveys, interviews, journey maps, wire frames, prototypes, and user testing.

Web & App Design

We create responsive websites that help you generate more leads, convey your business value through intuitive, user-centic interface.

XR Design

We integrate immersive technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality to help your users connect to your brands.