Breaker –Watch. Listen. Explore. Get access to a unique library of original films, cinema classics, and music.

Mobile App Design

Breaker: decentralized ecosystem that empowers creators and delivers fans classic and original content.

About Breaker:

A transparent way for creators to distribute their work and place where fans can access a more diverse collection of creative work.

Current Problem in the creative media industry: 

The suppressed, entrepreneurial creator, many of whom have experienced firsthand how little they are rewarded even when
 a project is a big success.


By integrating crypto currency, Breaker allows the artist to control over the ownership of the content and personal data.

Project Goals:

Create an easy interface for the user to find the music/movies they want.

Final Delivery:

Breaker Official Website

Breaker Mobile App Google Play Store

Scope of  Work

UX & UI Design



Project under

Swenson He

User Experience At A Glance