Hummingbirdsday Branding Story

Do you know that hummingbird redefies the laws of physics?  They’re the only birds that can hover, fly backwards, sideways or even upside down.

This is the mission of Hummingbirdsday – Strategic innovation + interruption. I, Dominique Wu – the founder of Hummingbirdsday, a girl got scholarship to study in Art Center in 2008, got green card on her own and started Hummingbirdsday in 2019.

Jumping off the cliff while learning how to fly is the core spirit of Hummingbirdsday. We make the impossible possible. We love to change the world for the better by adapting the new technology to your business.

Hummingbirdsday_Dominique Wu

Dominique Wu

CEO / Founder

Helping my clients achieve their business goals is my priority. I have been working in the design industry for more than 10 years. I believe that by designing a great experience for websites & apps can grow your business really fast!