Hummingbirdsday Branding Story

Do you know that hummingbird defies the laws of physics?  They’re the only birds that can hover, fly backwards, sideways or even upside down.

This is the mission of Hummingbirdsday – Strategic innovation + interruption. I, Dominique Wu – the founder of Hummingbirdsday, a girl got scholarship to study in Art Center in 2008, got green card on her own and started Hummingbirdsday in 2019.

Jumping off the cliff while learning how to fly is the core spirit of Hummingbirdsday. We make the impossible possible. We love to change the world for the better by adapting the new technology to your business.

Hummingbirdsday_Dominique Wu

Dominique Wu

CEO / Founder

I believe that good technology solves problems. “More and more with less and less until eventually, you can do everything with nothing.” – (Ephemeralization, Fuller 1973). The smart solution is to use the least amount of energy to create the most outcome. I believe in green energy and automation. And I wish I can help people create a product that change life for the better.

Hummingbirdsday XR/UX/UI Designer

Kelvin Nguyen

XR/UX/UI Designer

Before acclimating myself to UX and UI, I worked in advertising and have ran media campaigns with clients that range from Hilton Hotels, A24 Films, to QSRs such as Sweetgreen.  Working in media helped provide the foundation of my research & data reporting skills and provide the foundation of what I would later come to learn as the user-first approach. As a highly empathetic individual, I am able to translate this ability for clients to understand users in ux design and help solve problems for your company in the UX and XR space.

Christine Le Hummingbirdsday

Christine Le

UX/UI/Business Growth Designer

Having started in social media and e-commerce operations, I have expanded brand awareness and increased sales through strategic content planning in various industries from hotels to fashion clothing. With the desire to make a bigger impact on product and consumers, I pursued UX. I believe the integration of art, technology, and user-centered research can create beautiful seamless innovations that are meaningful to both the business goals and consumer needs.


Yoonah Bae

UX/UI Designer

I like to question, test hypotheses, and resolve frustrations for people. I enjoy tackling problems collaboratively to make a positive impact on people. My background in consumer product helps me see both the physical and digital experience as a whole. I help companies break down the monotony in heavy content and inform users using brand illustration and infographics.