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TRVL Porter: Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, getting your personalized rental travel wardrobe is quick and easy.

About TRVL Porter:

TRVL Porter is a fashion rental company which allows people to free their suitcases by sending them their personalized fashion clothes directly to their hotels or Airbnb.

Project Goals:

Helping TRVL Porter rebrand the website with better user flow, strategy, copywriting, UX/UI and development for TRVL Porter to convert more leads on their e-commerce website.


We saw a lot of fashion rental companies use simple icons and pictures for the users to visualize the styling such as Rent The Runway, Armoire, Le Tote, The Mr.Ms. Collection and Trendy Butler. They make the styling page simple, easy to use, short and sweet for the users to navigate through. They have a great Home page which explains how the service works with the right tone and images to help their target audience understand how to use the service to solve their problem. People went to those rental for fashion inspirations, better dressing options for their important events or just for their daily life. Instead of purchasing an expensive dress to join a wedding, cocktail parties…, those fashion rental companies provide better solutions to reduce the cost, fashion footprint and the users still look great at the event. It provides a lot of different options for the users to choose from either by one-time rental or monthly subscriptions.


We did a lot of research about the current fashion rental industry and found out that TRVL Porter has a unique position point – TRVL Porter targets on business women who travel a lot, who don’t want to over pack suitcases while looks great on their meeting in different events such as giving a speech in a big conference, cocktail parties, business meetings… etc. Before rebranding TRVL Porter website, we found out that it is hard for users to customize their personal styling preference in the styling process. In the previous login and styling pages, it was hard for the users to fill out the information since it was designed for the data-driven purpose. The user needs to give the stylists the reason why they don’t like a certain style while in the new design, all the users need to do is to cross out the styling they don’t like or select the best styling describing them without any explains. The new design integrated professional fashion illustrations for the users to visualize the styling instead of descriptions. We helped the TRVL Porter team to define the tone of the new brand – confident women who want a hassle-free trip and wish they could dress well and show up in different events while traveling in different cities. We created the tone of the website by integrating the tone of taking an airplane – “Your Rental Travel Wardrobe of First Class Fashion”, “Your Boarding Pass to Personal Style”…etc.

Final Delivery:

We create a rebranding strategy, branding tones, wireframe strategy, competitor dos, and donts to verify the strategy. We did professional fashion styling strategy including copyrighting, fashion illustrations and UX UI design. After that, we partner with a web development agency to work on the styling pages combined with their backend system and AI automation.

TRVL Porter Official Website

Scope of  Work

Branding Strategy


Fashion Illustrations

UX & UI Design

Web Development (Frontend integrate with their backend)

Admin UI Interface Design



TRVL Porter

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