Tesla XR Concept Design

Tesla XR Concept Design

XR UX/UI Concept Design

About the Project:

Through all time, human beings have dreamed of being better, faster, and innovative… we’ve dreamed of moving beyond our limits. The Tesla Model 3 is the most popular car in history due to its price, speed, security and incredible build quality. Now, with the XR immersive experience, Tesla owners can enjoy and navigate through the stars and cities in their Tesla spaceships – just like Star Trek.


Project Goals:

The client needed a creative XR experience to turn Tesla into a spaceship. Strategy emphasized the intuitive user experience.


Tesla Model 3 Buyer Research:

*Model 3 brings a younger, mid-income demographic to the brand:

Current Tesla owners tend to be male, older (45+ years old), higher income ($100K+) and Asian. The Model 3 searchers also skew male and Asian but bring in a younger demographic (35-44 years old) and slightly lower income ($50-100K) – a testament to the lower, more appealing price point.

*Environment dominates interest of owners and searchers:

Both Tesla owners and Model 3 searchers showed significantly high interest in the environment and ecology. Other similar interests included shopping, classic cars and technology/science news. Tesla owners indexed highly with computer hardware, travel and cooking while Model 3 owners indexed highly with fitness, consumer electronics and movies.

*Top Reasons why Teslas love their Tesla car:

1. Teslas take their cues from consumer technology, not from auto-industry traditions.

2. Teslas actually do have the potential to save the planet.

3. Tesla’s brand is highly symbolic.

4. Tesla’s are pretty great cars.

Scope of  Work

Concept Design
User Research
UI Design
Art Direction



XR development: Sampson Crooks, Jr. (MSPM)
Video production: Stefanie Huynh
Concept + Research + UX + UI: Dominique Wu (myself)
Event Host: Zenobia Millet



Concept Design for Tesla

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