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Stayhealthy, a med-tech company, is going to change the world through its upcoming app – Body Fact App (BFI). Rather than BMI, which is an inaccurate measurement of healthiness, BFI is 98% accurate based on extensive clinical trials and studies.

The client needed an informative responsive web design targeting on families. Strategy emphasized “mobile first” design with a concise simple design. 

Stay healthy Website

Scope of  Work

Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design Direction


Based on the mobile-first principle, we created the mobile version of the website first since 90% of our users browse our website through mobile. In order to give our users a great experience of visiting our website. We designed the website based on mobile then adapt to the desktop version.

Research Results:  

Target Audience: 35+ years old – people who are aware of their health. 

Pain Points: People who are struggling with their health don’t know that what they have been believing in the indicator of a healthy life – BMI (Body Mass Indicator) has been proven wrong now. Instead, BFI (Body Fat Indicator) is now proven to be the right way to go.

Core Value of Stayhealthy: We believe by creating a visually compelling website with an easy-to-browse responsive website is the best way to educate people about BFI (Body Fat Indicator).

Stayhealhty Website

Responsive Web – Mobile
Responsive Web – Desktop