Stay Healthy Web Design

Stayhealthy: Empowering People to Make the Most of Their Lives

Responsive Website Project – UX/UI Design

Stayhealthy, a medical tech company, is going to change the world through its upcoming app – Body Fact App (BFI). Rather than BMI, which is an inaccurate measurement of healthiness.

The client needed an informative responsive web design targeting families. Strategy emphasized “mobile first design principle”. 

Stayhealthy Website

The Scope of  Work:

Responsive Web Design

UX/UI Design



Responsive Web Design Direction


Based on the mobile-first principle, we created the mobile version of the website first since 90% of our users browse our website through mobile. In order to give our users a great experience of visiting our website. We designed the website based on mobile then adapt to the desktop version.


Target Audience: 35+ years old – people who are aware of their health. 

Pain Points: People who are struggling with their health don’t know that what they have been believing in the indicator of a healthy life – BMI (Body Mass Indicator) has been proven wrong now. Instead, BFI (Body Fact Indicator) is now proven to be the right way to go.

Core Value of Stayhealthy: We believe by creating a visually compelling responsive website is the best way to educate people about BFI (Body Fact Indicator).


Responsive Web – Mobile
Responsive Web – Desktop