Opix360 Web App UX Design

OPIX360: Easy to Shoot, Fun to Edit, and Simple to Share – Great 360 Camera Web & App Experience

App & Web UX Design / UI Direction

Opix360 is a small 360 camera that attached to your smartphone. Just snap, edit and share, you can have a high-quality 360 photos, videos and even 360 live on both Facebook & Twitter. It is so amazing & powerful which save you time and effort to produce any 360 content online. The company is in Irvine, California.


Client needed creative app & website targeted towards young millennials interested in having selfies with a 360 camera. Strategy emphasized young millennials simply take 360 selfies and have fun.


Opix360 Official Website

Opix360 Android App Download

Scope of  Work

Branding Strategy
UX Design
User Research
UI Direction
Art Direction
User Testing Event



App UX Design / UI Direction


Researched about the current pain points for 360 camera. Who is our target audience? What’s their pain points of buying a 360 camera? What’s the core value of Opix360? What’s our business model? Then I needed to solve the problem and make good wireframes and having my UI designer – Roy Ren designed the UI interface.

Research Results:  

Target Audience: 15-25 years old American high school to college students  

Pain Points: 360 is new technology device, need more education information to explain its functions; 360 software is hard to use; 360 camera is heavy; there are not many social platforms accept 360 files – even though they make 360 videos, they couldn’t share anywhere.

Core Value of Opix360: Easy to shoot: just attach Opix360 to usb of your smartphone and open the app, you can shoot a photo or a video; Easy to edit: inspired by Snap Chat & Instagram, we made the interface extremely intuitive to young people. Easy to share: After editing the photos or video, just click the share button, you can share your 360 photo or video to your favorite social medias such as Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. 


Opix360 Android App Download

User Experience At A Glance

With our new technology, you can easily add emojis to your 360° content.


Special Sound Effects

You can add music and creative background sounds into your videos to add to the fun.


Filter, Text, & Drawing

Enhance your photos by using our fun filters and adding texts or drawings.

Web UX Design / UI Direction


As for the new product ready for launch, the most important thing is to show the impressive branding with the feature functions of the product. With the young and refreshing visual designed by Roy Ren, opix360 is popular among young millennials.