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Developer & ACL Promotion Page UI Design

Enflux is a motion capture suit company. Their motion capture suit is the most affordable suit that for game design, medication and fitness measurement. By wearing Enflux motion capture suit, developers can develop 3D games, VR experience, fitness training and medical measurement like ACL examination. Enflux is based in Sherman Oaks, CA. 

Enflux needed a creative developer web page targeted towards game developers and ACL web page target towards doctors & football coaches. Strategy emphasized great UX and simplify UI navigation system for developers to find the right tutorials they need to watch. And as for ACL web page, it is a simple introduction about how Enflux can help football players prevent ACL.

Enflux Developer Page

Enflux ACL Page

Scope of  Work

Brand Strategy
Web Design
UX / UI Design



Developer Page UI Design


Finding the right tutorial for developers in a simple way is my challenge. By creating the “Nav-Bar-Aways-On-Top” navigation, it is really clear for developers to choose which step they can skip and which step they need to learn.

Enflux Developer Page

The top nav bar will always stay on the top of the screen to show the whole experience of Enflux motion capture suit.