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ENFLUX: A Better User Experience for ACL Testing App

Enflux Sports App & Web UX / UI Design

Enflux is a motion capture suit company. Their motion capture suit is the most affordable suit that for athletic performance & injury prevention.

The Goals of this app are:

1. Improve Athletic Performance

2. Identify Injury Risk

3. Track Metrics in Real-Time

Enflux needed a creative App targeted towards doctors & football coaches. Strategy emphasized great UI navigation system for doctors & coaches to help athletes to track their performance. Enflux can help football players to track their performance to prevent ACL.

Enflux Sports Page

Enflux ACL Prevention Page

Enflux Sports App AB Testing_A

Enflux Sports App AB Testing_B

Scope of  Work

App Design
Web Design
UX / UI Design
Prototype Design
AB Testing Design



Sports Performance App UX / UI Design


Easy to set up the data, simple to view all the real-time metrics, and identify injury risk.

Enflux Sports Page

ACL Promotion Page UI Design


Enflux is a pioneer company providing motion capture suits also for ACL testing. In general, the incidence of ACL injury is higher in people who participate in high-risk sports, such as basketball, football, skiing, and soccer. Enflux is helping high school football players to help them prevent & cure ACL.

The goal of ACL promotion page is to let football coaches & doctors know better about how Enflux can help with the ACL test. By showing how Enflux motion capture suit works and how the little testing exercise works in a simple way, it is really easy for football coaches & doctors to know how amazing this suit can help high school football player prevent & cure ACL.

Enflux ACL Promotion Page