When Design Meets Technology.


The Ultimate UX / UI Solutions for Tech Startups.


User Experience.


Prototype Development.

Research and Development.

User Research.



iOS UI Design.

Data Visualization.

Web Design.

App Design.

Visual Design.


Print Design.

Identity Design.

Graphic Design.

Crowdfunding Consultation.

Branding Consultation.

Our Believe.

Listen. Think. Create. Inspire.

  • First, we listen to you. Defining problem means solve half of it already. By listening, we know what’s your vision, goal, budget, deadline so we can define the whole scope of the project. 
  • Second, we brainstorm the best and the most efficient solution for you. No BS, just work hard to figure out the direction.
  • Then, we create and execute for you.
  • At the end, we love to work with you to level up your business – Inspire your customers. “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C. Maxwell.

Our Approach.

Design Principles + Adapt Different Culture + Constant Learning + Cutting Edge Technology Integration + Gamification + Fun

Our UX Approach:

1. Follow the user’s mental model

2. Meet the user’s needs

3. Consistency

4. Less is More

5. Use simple language instead of technical terms

6. Design for functional than the aesthetic

7. Don’t make me think

8. Intuitive

9. Allow user making mistakes

10. Provide feedback