Candytopia AR App UXUI

Candytopia AR App Design: Explore Candytopia in a fun way

AR Mobile App UX/UI Design

About Candytopia:

Candytopia is a candy pop museum for the young millennials to take fun photos.


Project Goals:

The client needed a creative augmented reality app for young people to take fun selfies inside Candytopia museum. Strategy emphasized the great user experience with creative visualization of the app design.



I went to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find the reviews. It seems like everyone loves going to Candytopia for taking selfies and sharing their experience on social media. It would be great for Candytopia to have an AR app for the visitors to interact with the candy installations in the museum. As for creating an AR app, the most important thing is to make sure people know how to use, the second thing is to make sure that the users can find the camera easily. 


In order to create the best user experience for Candytopia, I created detailed instructions screens for users to learn how to use the AR camera. And in order for the users to find the camera easily, I put the AR camera on the top right corner so no one will miss it. 


Final Delivery: 

You can find Candytopia app on Candytopia’s official website and App stores. 


Candytopia Official Website

Candytopia App for iOS Devices Download

Candytopia App for Android Devices Download

Scope of  Work

App Design
UX Design
User Research
UI Design
Art Direction



Project under Augmently

User Experience At A Glance
candytopia UX wireframe high-Fi_Hummingbirdsday_Augmently

Design Research:

Design Goal:

Using the candy art in the museum as the markers for the Augmented Reality app, we made Candytopia AR app with a great marketing strategy in mind. You can use the app either at Candytopia museum or at your own place. The Candytopia AR app will bring extra fun when taking a selfie.

Target Audience: 15-25 years old – American high school to college students.  

Marketing Value: Candytopia is famous for its modern candy installations. It is a great opportunity for having immersive technology – Augmented Reality to enhance the visiting experience.


Features At A Glance

1. AR Camera  – The best way you can experience the Augmented Reality when you visit Candytopia.

2. AR-Enabled Candytopia Drink Coasters – AR-enabled Candytopia drink coasters allows you to bring the augmented reality experience home.