About Me.

About MeĀ .

Dominique Wu

CEO / Founder

I create both fine art & digital commercial art such as web & app design @Hummingbirdsday. I came to USA on my own when I was 23 years old. At that time, I have already had a dream which is – No matter what type of work I am going to do, I want to integrate all the fields – literature, art, design, science, education, technology, philosophy & psychology… and inspire people everyday.

That’s why Hummingbirdsday was created. As for the commercial side, Hummingbirdsday is an UX/UI design studio which helps companies solve their branding, marketing, crowdfunding problem in an innovative way. However, as for the inspiring side, I listen, think, create and then inspire people everyday through social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. I created “Hummingbird Spirit” posts nearly every week showing what types of good books I read ( art, children’s books, design, game, self-improvement, business, UX/UI…) to inspire people.

My goal for Hummingbirdsday is to mingle all the fields and create an innovative evolutions for our future. By creating great UX/UI design for different technologies, everyone can create nearly everything as long as his / her dares to dream.

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